Top 10 Work History Resume Writing Tips

Hiring managers have to go through a great number of resumes all the time. And a lot of them are written poorly which impedes their efforts to find the best candidate. Providing a clear work history, make the candidate stand out, and enables them to make a rapid decision. To craft a resume that is perfect in the eyes of a hiring manager is difficult. Especially for fresh job seekers. Therefore, our 10 resume writing tips for college students or any other applicant are sure to help out.

  1. Leave out the job description

Do not exert effort in writing job experience like a description. It just serves to be a bland recap of the job without any original input from you. Focus on explaining your job performance instead of nature.

  1. Proving value

Recruiters look for keywords in your resume to get an idea about the type of employee you are. Demonstrate in your resume that you have been producing positive results for your previous employers. This will make you a more desirable candidate. The important thing is to focus on your accomplishments and give proof of your value.

  1. Quantifying results

Whenever possible, make sure to include the results of your work that are measurable. Providing exact figures or statistics might trigger a confidentiality breach. But you can solve that by using percentages to measure your achievements.

  1. Problem Action Results

PAR is a great point from where to start thinking about your achievements. Ask yourself about the kinds of challenges you have faced. Analyze the actions that you took to overcome them. Did your efforts prove fruitful? And how did that whole situation benefit your company? Make a list of all the accomplishments, up to that point. Then incorporate the ones that are most impressive in your resume.

  1. Lead with the outcomes

Writing the result of your work before the problem and actions also prove to be effective. This allows you to place forward the compelling parts of your successes.

  1. Make it reader-friendly

Some resumes have bullets outlining each point of the work history. However, this blurs the achievements and duties and reduces the overall impact. Other resumes follow a narrative style for the work history section. This can be tedious for a hiring manager who has to go through a lot more documents. So, the best way is to use a combination of both. A short paragraph will provide details of the responsibilities you performed. Then a bulleted list can highlight all your top achievements.

  1. Target your experience to your aim

Resumes are a tool through which you market yourself. Your work history needs to be impactful enough to do this job. Focus upon successes that are connected to your goal. Remove anything that does not support your objectives.

  1. Use powerful words

The quality of writing makes the difference between acceptance and rejection. Selecting the correct words is crucial. Avoid stale or dull phrases and go for active verbs instead.

  1. Being honest

Studies indicate that many job applicants are prone to fake their work experience in resumes. However, if you have a well-written and honest employment history, you are more likely to get the job. The best tactic is to always tell the truth about your work details.

  1. Have your resume evaluated

Knowing what to include in your resume is one thing, and actually writing it is a totally different matter. Even if all the important details are narrowed down, you still need to know how to phrase them right. That is where resume writers for hire come in. They know exactly what the latest industry trends, so they craft the document accordingly.

Our tips to write a winning work history are sure to help you out. Once you get it correct, you are on the track to getting an interview call from your potential employer.

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