How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Resume Writer in USA?

The costs of an executive resume writing service can range between $300-$3000. This depends on various factors. The experience and credentials of your resume writer, the hours it takes for them to create it, your own work history and experience are all the things that count. 

On the other hand, a professional resume writing service fee can be around $100-2,000. The accountable aspects are the type of resume, skills, and experience of the writer and the process used.

As apparent, the pricing schemes of both differ greatly. The service with the lower costs, have you filling questionnaires and worksheets. There is no contact with your writer to tell them any requirements directly. The resume itself will be template-based, and the language will contain no originality. Thus, it becomes evident that the amount of money invested in a resume determines the quality of service you get.

The creation of a high-quality resume that turns the head of a recruiter takes time, expertise, and intricacy. People who are on the lookout for employment rarely have these three things on their disposal. Hence, there is a genuine need of professional resume writers.

These professionals have spent a long, dedicated career in crafting documents that help others fulfill their career goals. An executive resume writer creates both resumes and cover letters. They blend a person’s work experience, skills, and accomplishments in such a manner that it is bound to attract an employer.

The results of hiring a good resume writer are as follows:

  • High response rates from employment agencies
  • Promise of a good income
  • Increase in job offers

Cost of Resume Writing Services

At times, when you find your resume lacking the right words and not giving the impression you need, a professional writing service is the best solution. But in the harsh corporate world, you get what you pay for. Low fees like $50 to 100 can only get you a document that is made by a template used on many other applicants. The content will be similar with just some added frills to make it look good.

However, if your spending budget rounds up to $500 and above, you are most likely to have a resume worth the money. You will have exclusive consultation sessions on call, so the writing process becomes a collaborative effort. Revisions can also be done if you find something missing or need an addition. If you are fortunate enough to find a reliable, certified resume writer, then you are on the right track.

For anyone who intends to have a resume written by a professional service, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The cost of resume writing service is the same as the amount of time required to create a concise and polished document.
  • For a position that pays you a 6-figure salary, you must have an executive resume that displays you are suitable for that role.
  • The payback time for your resume can be estimated through this process:

A normal work year, excluding weekends, holidays, and vacations, consists of 2,000 hours. Divide the sum of your salary by 2,000 to calculate your rate per hour. Multiply it by 8, and you will have the base daily amount. An executive who makes $150,000 is making $75 per hour and $600 per day. Therefore, the $1,200 you paid for the resume are covered by just 2 days of work.

Packages Offered by Resume Writing Services

Most companies offer packages for resume writing that are a very convenient option. There are three packages that are offered to you by our service.

Our executive resume package contains these elements:

  • Executive resume and cover letter
  • MS Word, PDF and applicant tracking system optimized resumes
  • 60 to 90-minute telephonic consultation
  • 2 revision rounds
  • 3 to 5 business days turnaround period

 The things included in the VIP premium package are:

  • Executive cover letter and resume
  • LinkedIn profile writing service
  • The optimized resume versions
  • Consultation sessions
  • Revisions 
  • 3-5 days turnaround

The VIP Platinum package contains:

  • All of the elements mentioned above
  • Plus, a thank you letter
  • Career biography
  • Executive recruiter distribution

Resume Writing Guarantees

Various resume writing services offer a guarantee for the work they do. Some offer a 60-day guarantee. It states that if you do not land an interview within that period, they will provide you with a new resume free of charge. Others have a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. If the resume isn’t what you want, they will do all they can to make it come up to par.

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