Want to Become a Certified Resume Writer? 20 Professionals Tips

If you have the writing skills to depict accurately why a person is ideal for a particular job, then you have the makings of a resume writer. Some of the individuals following this profession work without a certification. While others choose to take a test and get certified by official organizations. Some of these well-known certifying authorities include, the National Resume Writer’s Association and the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches.
Although it is possible to be a resume writer even without being certified, yet earning one helps you increases credibility. It will set you apart in the industry and give your work authenticity. There are several perks that come with this career. The work hours are flexible and you can opt to work part-time or full-time according to your convenience. Moreover, this profession does not any signs of dwindling away. As long as there are employment positions and people need to apply, you are staying in business.
But, do not presume that it as an easy job to prove yourself in this industry. There a number of skills, business sense and of course excellent writing abilities involved in it. You will need to demonstrate to people why you should be there choice when looking for a resume writer. Hence, we have some effective tips to help you out on this career path.
1. Polish up your writing skills
This is basically a job where your writing skills are of utmost importance. Even if you are already a good writer, you must get well-versed in the type of writing you need to create a resume. Your document should be able to persuade a recruiter that your client is the best candidate to hire.
2. Be prepared to research
The phrases, buzzwords and jargon that makes up a resume are the expertise of a resume writer. So, explore and research in depth to know these technicalities.
3. Communicate with your client
When you get an order, ask to have a telephone or even an email conversation. Face to face interviews are even better. This will help you to understand the personality, abilities, and experiences of your client.
4. Become familiar with currently trending resume writing practices
It is essential to keep your skills updated and respond to the ebbs and flows of the industry. There are new techniques coming up all the time which a professional resume writer must be aware of. Do not fall behind on them.
5. Take job seeking classes
There are usually sessions for job seeking individuals being offered at libraries or other community services. Be a part of them to have an insight on the world of employment. It will reveal the marketplace to you from the perspective of your clients.
6. Set reasonable pricing
Before starting up a resume writing business, do some market research to know the rates. Your prices should be reasonable. Too low will indicate your work quality is poor. While setting too high a demand will not lead in any clients. Rates can also change according to the requirements of a client.
7. Create a portfolio when beginning
Having a proper portfolio indicates a professional attitude. To begin, offer to write resumes for job hunting friends or family member. Also build a contract that explains your pricings, terms and conditions.
8. Make a questionnaire for your clients
Apart from having a consultation session with your client, also ask them to fill a questionnaire. You will have the necessary information about them written down this way. It should contain questions about the type of position they are applying for, work history, skills etc.
9. Keep accurate records of the financial matters
Have a record of all the money that is coming and going. Save business related receipts so that necessary details aren’t ever missed.

10. Learn to work with deadlines
You might be called upon to work on an urgent resume. Urgent assignments help you earn a bigger fee. Therefore, practice your skills till you are able to produce quality work in the shortest possible time.
11. Practice regularly
Don’t let yourself become stagnant. Keep the content flowing to keep your skills ever active.
12. Never stop learning about new techniques
Techniques and methods in any industry are ever changing. Keep ahead in yours by researching and keeping in touch with other writers.
13. Network with other resume writers
Talking with other writers will help you learn a lot of valuable information relevant to the field. Furthermore, you will be able to compare and improve your work.
14. Create an adaptive writing style
No two resumes are the same. Your writing style should be flexible enough to cater to the needs of any client.
15. Know specifics of a field
It is really good to be become an expert of a certain field in resume writing, such as medicine or technology. However, you can do incredible work even without it if you read up a bit before working on a particular field. Specific terms and phrases are necessary in most cases.
16. Additional services help in earning more
Offering services relevant to resume writing helps you earn an additional sum. Such as designing cover letters.
17. Make sure your resumes can beat ATS systems
Applicant tracking systems are a bane to any resume. Make yours have the keywords and formatting necessary for getting past these systems.
18. Worry about providing quality rather than quantity
Do not worry if you are doing one job per day. Focus on each one till you are satisfied with the quality. You will be known for your work ethics and standards in due time.
19. Do not be offended by revision requests
There are times when a client won’t be satisfied or you might have missed a piece of information. Be open to these possibilities. Human errors or miscommunication are a part of any business. Discuss the matter through and provide the revision if a client wants
20. Work hard
And lastly, work with devotion and sincerity. To get yourself known in your profession, build relationships with clients bases on trust. Once you have proven yourself, business will follow through.

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