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Powerful Ways to Supercharge your Confidence for an Interview

Did you ever experience the weird fidgeting or queasy stomach before your turn for an interview? That nervousness…OH MY GOD! It eats us away.

As old as it sounds but obviously, you know confidence is everything. Remember the saying of the former first lady of the United States of America, Michelle Obama-“Your confidence and fortitude will determine your success.” A mini tip that is often being heard around is to improve your competence. However, sometimes the person is more knowledgeable and competent, yet he lacks in portraying himself as such.

Whatever the case, seven surprisingly helpful tips can make you outshine others. Now break yourself into a smile, and let’s go through them one by one.

The Seven Powerful Tips To Bask In The Light Of Self-Confidence

1.    Prepare For The Very First Expression

A $100 bet if dressing up yourself popped into your mindBut you know what, guys…the initial expression is comprised of a few things. No doubt you should dress to impress, but along with it, you need to shake hands with the interviewer firmly. This will already give him an insight into your level of confidence and self-assurance.

Next, a powerful, comprehensive yet 30-40 seconds introduction will secure your opening points.

2.    Imagine Your  Past Achievements

You must be proud of whatever you have acquired in life, either academically, professionally, or otherwise. Just reminiscing about it boosts your self-esteem. Think about when you had hired for a CV writing service and asked the writer how to describe your gains. YES! You got it. In the same way, use your memory to sharpen your confidence weapon.

3.    Normalize Yourself

Without a single dubiety, you see yourself as a bundle of nerves! Chances are above 90% that this is the reason you’re reading this piece of writing. Anyway, either use breathing techniques, exercise or simply gulp down a glass of water. Nevertheless, the vital point is to normalize yourself. Go easy!

4.    Make Eye-Contact

Ensure that eye contact is maintained throughout the interview. This ultimately will realize the interviewer about your absolute confidence. It will allow you to feel relaxed and consider that the person confronting you is no monster. But a human being, like you, breathing and blinking.

5.    Allow Yourself Some Rest

A night before an important interview is decisive. A sleepless night will leave you irritated with reduced brain activity and an exhausted body. Hence, tie this advice to attain a proper 8-hour-long sleep before an interview.

6.    Be Optimistic

Being positive plays a crucial role in securing any kind of success you’re adamant to take a path toward. Recollect the times when you and your friends were seeking the best resume writers to draft distinguishable resumes. You were positive about your future accomplishments. You must be on cloud nine. Remember those times and be optimistic.

7.    Better to Connect Than to Influence

It is significant to realize that you need to connect with the interviewer and not impress him. Your connection will eventually pave the way to being impressed with u.


It is essential to realize that opportunities always keep on knocking at your door. No chance should be considered as a last chance. However, your confidence makes the vast difference whether you grab it away or let it slip from your hands. Now you must blurt out, “only confidence?” And HELL YEAH! Only Confidence. ‘Cause can you make someone believe in you when you don’t even believe in yourself? It’s an awakening thought.

Trust yourself that you are neither inferior nor inept. It is recommended to adopt the above-mentioned skills to live up to your expectations. Good Luck!


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