8 tips to write a cover letter

8 Best Tips to Write a Cover Letter

Cover letters: the name that makes the readers shake with fear and confusion.
What if you see a note asking to send a cover letter along with your CV? Ugh, who does write a perfect cover letter? (Is that what you are thinking?)

Writing a cover letter is not an easy task until and unless you have previously written cover letters or you have done any course on writing the best cover letter from somewhere.

The main purpose to write a cover letter is to express yourself fully. There is a difference is CV and cover letter. Your CV is highlighting your academic and professional background but a cover letter can tell your personality to your hiring manager.

So, if you are not finding enough time to pay attention to your cover letter – then you can hire professionals offering best cover letter writing services! Getting your work done by expert writers is the best decision you can ever make.

But if you are interested in composing your cover letter then tighten your seat belts as we are about to step on the craziest ride ever that will elevate your position in the eyes of your recruiter; taking you beyond the sky limit! Here are significant 8 best tips to write a cover letter.

8 best tips to write a cover letter                              

Dear fellow learners! We have jotted down some on-point tips to write an impressive cover letter for you. We are sure you won’t miss your target this time!

1. A new cover letter for each job

A most important tip to write a cover letter is; write a new cover letter for each job.
Recruiters are not kids who may not recognize the little changes you did to your cover letter that you have written for your last job. Hiring managers don’t get easily impressed – so make sure you tailor a cover letter specifically to have a great impact on them!

We all are aware of the common sentence “Dear Hiring Manager, I am excited to apply to the open position at your company” – Unhun, don’t do that! Your recruiter will know that you are applying for every job vacancy near you!

2. Mention your HR’s name

The best way to address your HR in a cover letter is by mentioning Mr. or Ms. with the first name or last name of that person. But if you have no idea if your recruiter is a male or a female – then feel free to skip that part. But do not add “to whom it may concern” as it will look absurd.

Not knowing the name of your manager is okay and no need to create a fuss out of it – you can simply write “head of the department” for the vacancy you are applying for!

3. Do not copy what is already written in your CV or resume

Okay, hang on there!
You can not imitate whatever is written on your CV or resume to your cover letter. Cover letters are a bit different than that. If you are willing to discuss a job role in your cover letter then try expanding that point further. Explain the experience you have gained from it an what you expect in the future.

4. Mention why you are a perfect applicant for this job

Companies and corporates know that the position they are offering is worth the salary package. That is why they often find someone who deserves the vacant position.

But what is more important here; is to know whether you are bringing any good on the table or not. And are you their perfect catch or you are not the person they wanted to solve their problems.

5. Talk about the top experiences

Don’t know what capabilities and experiences to highlight?
The most important job skills will usually be discussed first in the job description or will be addressed more than once in your cover letter.

Or look around if you have a recruiter friend in your friend circle. You can also ask that person for their opinion. Then prioritize your experiences and competencies on its basis!

6. Education is secondary

One of the best tips to write a cover letter is not to give much importance to your educational background. This mistake is often done by freshies or those who are looking for internships.

Recruiters only care about your certifications, work experience, and skills that would add a boost to their company.

7. Never be sorry

Less experience? That is okay.
Not meeting their requirements and still applying for the position? Totally fine.

Do not talk about your weaknesses, instead focus on your experience. It does not matter if you have limited experience – you can still talk about your strengths! Yep, you are ready to write a cover letter by now!

8. Know the company’s voice

You can understand the voice of the company you are applying to by going through their social media accounts.

Understand the face of that company on its website. You can get a grip on the company’s tone, language, and their company’s culture. It will help you big time in writing the desired cover letter!


A cover letter is the true professional identity that can help you to either reach the clouds or fall in the darkest pit. We are sure you want to land the job position that your eyes are on. For that, we have written a brief blog including all the amazing tips. Follow these tips to become a cover letter writing ninja!

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