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Colleen Edna
Colleen Edna 4.7 Rating Star
8 Years Experience
610+ Orders Delivered

Collen Edda is a professional author in the team who’s passionate about reading and writing! She loves to craft resumes for her customers, so they can easily win their dream vacancies without juggling between the challenges.

Lois Linda
Lois Linda 4.9 Rating Star
9 Years Experience
755+ Orders Delivered

Lois’s favourite task is to unleash customers’ potential through resumes and help them in securing their desired positions at their desired firms. Lois has 8+ years of experience, making him the best choice to rely on among all writers.

Sharon Mildred
Sharon Mildred 4.8 Rating Star
7 Years Experience
708+ Orders Delivered

Sharon comes from a professional HR background! Sharon has completed her Masters in Human Resources and is now pursuing her career as a resume writer. She’s fond of writing creative vitae that get the job done.

Gertrude Frank
Gertrude Frank 4.8 Rating Star
9 Years Experience
897+ Orders Delivered

Gertrude is a certified and well-trained CV specialist in the team who has invested 8 years of his life in this field! Gertrude is not just familiar with writing CVs, but is also a recruitment specialist who knows what kinds of resume works.


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Best choice for Mid-career level positions 3 - 7 Years

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The short attention span of recruiters, i.e. 10 seconds, is not hidden by anyone. However, not everyone holds a vitae that catches attention within such a limited window of time. RWS empowers customers to buy resumes online with no doubts. For that reason, below, we are bringing together some commonly raised queries by clients. By taking a look at their answers, you’d be able to picture our services even better.

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