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Outshine career opportunities with, offering the best federal resume writing services with the help of expert government resume writers of USA.

What Free CV Analysis Includes:
  • A Through Feedback By Experts
  • Section By Section Suggestions
  • Spell And Grammar Check
  • ATS And Keyword Check
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Keyword Optimized CV's Keyword Optimized CVs

Brimming your CV with qualities isn't the only trick! We ensure your resume is optimized with keywords and industry buzzwords that get your vitae interpreted smoothly. The outcome? Your vitae lands on the recruiter's table.

Senior Resume Writers Senior Resume Writers

As the captain of this marketplace, we ensure that our federal resume writer service offers nothing short of "perfection". For that reason, we have taken highly experienced and professional federal resume writers on board.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Aren't you very sure about the delivered vitae? Easy! 100% customer satisfaction guarantee is like our middle name. Professional federal resume writers don't give up until the client is beaming from ear to ear with happiness.

Hand-Vetted Federal
Resume Experts Of USA

The unique spark of our professional resume writers is that they are:

  • Well-experienced with federal resume writing service
  • Familiar with the hiring practices in government sector
  • Former recruiters who have worked federal domain
nrwa certified certified-professional resume writer
Royal Silas
Royal Silas 4.9 Rating Star
9 Years Experience
894+ Orders Delivered

Meet Royal – a retired HR manager of the government sector in USA who is well acquainted with all dos and don'ts of writing a CV! With his 9 years of CV writing experience, Royal has proven to be a great asset to the company.

Eloise Oscar
Eloise Oscar 4.7 Rating Star
8 Years Experience
1648+ Orders Delivered

Eloise is the perfectionist CV writer in the company who is highly intolerable towards language errors. Hence, she ensures to produce of top-quality federal CVs for clients with zero errors. It's always a pleasure working with her.

Miles Lucy
Miles Lucy 4.8 Rating Star
7 Years Experience
1395+ Orders Delivered

Miles is known for producing extremely convincing vitae for clients who are looking for jobs in the government sector. All it takes to turn on his creative mode is a warm cup of coffee – and he'll come up with a professional vitae.

Ellis Hazel
Ellis Hazel 4.8 Rating Star
8 Years Experience
1385+ Orders Delivered

Ellis is an all-rounder CV writer, editor and Quality Assurance Manager! With his 8 years of experience, no client is ever a challenge for him. He excels in writing career-switch and beginner vitae as well. He holds a huge number of happy clients.


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Entry Level Resume $ 39

Best choice for beginner level positions 0 – 2 Years

  • Professional Resume
  • ATS Friendly Document
  • MS word/ PDF formats
Professional Level Package $ 114

Best choice for Mid-career level positions 3 - 7 Years

  • Resume + Cover Letter + LinkedIn Content
  • Thank you & Follow Up Letters
  • MS word/ PDF formats
Professional Level Resume $ 49

Best choice for Mid-career level positions 3 - 7 Years

  • Professional Resume
  • ATS Friendly Document
  • MS word/ PDF formats
Eye-Catching Design Highest-Rated In USA

RWS is the highest rated among all federal resume writing companies in the USA for giving unmatched quality results to job hunters. Our clients are known for capturing the highest number of interview invites within 12 days or even less.

Industry-Leading Resume Writers 24/7 Availability

With the largest number of professional federal resume writers working with us, we make sure our firm is accessible to clients around the clock. You can also count us on for urgent deliveries (just in case the deadline is near).

Keyword Optimization Perfectly Formatted Vitaes

Not just you receive a well-written federal resume, but you also get a perfectly formatted CV that's easy for the eyes to navigate. Professionals here select the font, layout, section placement, choice of colour, and everything else.

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Hire USA's Best Federal Resume Help
To Standout The Clutter

When it comes to federal resume writing service, we dominate the entire USA, including Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles, Huston, Phoenix, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Antonio, Boston, San Francisco, Washington, and Las Vegas! With our Midas touch, the professional federal resume writers here make success bang your doors. Our speciality is that we can turn unorganized and poorly crafted CVs into modernized ones that today's recruiters appreciate.

  • The vitae are perfectly crafted and designed to get your HR's attention
  • Our experts comply every order with international recruitment standards
  • We retain a high level of distinctiveness and uniqueness in CVs by all means

Work with federal job resume expert in USA to WOW the HRs

Work with USA's expert government resume writer to leave HRs in amazement – it's fast and affordable!

Recruiter-approved federal resume writing service in Chicago, USA
Interview Success Rate
Interview Success Rate

We Have The Highest Interview Success Rate

Industry-Specific Writers
Industry-Specific Writers

Our Firm Only Works With Field-Specific Writers

Unlimited Free Revisions
Unlimited Free Revisions

Seek Unlimited Free Revisions Until Satisfied

USA's Job Resume Writers Holding CPRW Credentials For Sure-Shot Success

At RWS, we spend top dollar to attract USA's best talented federal resume writers holing CPRW credentials. We have adopted this practice in order to retain the highest standards in the market and deliver unmatched quality to the clients. With a decade of writing experience and aim-oriented mindsets, the team of maestros here knows all the tricks to highlight work history in the best possible light.

With a massive interview success rate of 98%, being the only top-rated federal resume help with ATS, and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, the decision is a no-brainer. Besides, one thing will always be consistent in our service, i.e. the urge to improve. For us, there are no limits to perfection. With each order, RWS strives to improve its quality of services and delivers the best outcomes to the clients. For that reason, the customer also chose us for resume editing services.

Attract Recruiters' Interest With Professional Federal Resume Help In Chicago

We are and a go-to destination for the upcoming generation of the workforce. Our federal resume service has a proven record of getting job interview invites twice as faster. After being in the business for more than 10 years, we have amassed enough skills and experience in the industry. That's not all! We possess a unique spot in the market for paying attention to the clients' peace of mind. Therefore, we have resolved all the queries in advance to ensure there's no resistance while hiring us:

Of course! We do offer federal resume service for veterans. The federal resume experts working with us are highly dedicated and experienced in this field. They have written various CVs for veterans. And such customers were successful in securing jobs at their desired firms or companies.

Honestly, it is very unsafe to trust an immature and beginner federal resume help. Such companies lack work ethics, and they might end up leaking your information. Trusting a professional federal job resume writer like us can be a secure option in all situations.

Yes! RWS offers professional federal resume help all over the state, including cities like Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles, Huston, Phoenix, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Antonio, Boston, San Francisco, Washington, and Las Vegas. The team is available 24/7 to deal with your queries.

Cent-percent, yes! Hiring a resume writer for federal jobs is very important because such professionals have been practising their skillset for ages. They understand what kind of vitae works in this domain and what doesn't. This improves your chances of receiving more interview invites. Aims To Become An Extension Of Your Career Success

The agenda of RWS isn't limited to gaining the highest number of customers; instead, we strive to become an extension of your career success. Through sheer determination, passion and zeal, we ensure our clients get a chance to achieve the job. In case if the customer is unsatisfied with the end results, they get a seat during the revision process and share their opinion about the problematic zones.

Our resume writers for federal jobs are dedicated to creating powerful vitae that get the job done in the shortest possible time frame. Every vitae is customized according to the required job description of the potential employer. We never use templated content that can easily destroy the chances of career success. Not just the content is unique, but it is creative enough to standout.

Affordable Federal Resume Help In NYC That Helps You Secure Higher Salary Jobs

Often shortcomings in the budget are the most common reason why job seekers chuck the idea of seeking federal resume service from a real professional. We know that because we have been there! Therefore, our agency helps customers secure a higher paying job by offering affordable and best federal resume service in the USA. Low-priced assistance ensures one can easily opt for our services without hurting their budget.

Since our inception, our agency has been highly devoted to helping clients win interviews after interviews. That's not just because of low prices or perhaps – luck. Instead, we work hard to produce results that leave everyone in amazement. As a powerhouse of excellence, none of our produced work has ever failed to entice recruitment staff. Therefore, you can always rely on us with high spirits.